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Planning, Design, and Construction Documents

Design / Build

We’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.  We take a hands-on approach to design and construction for those custom details and unique constructions.

Interior Design & Space Planning

Combining knowledge with aesthetic vision, we design solutions that are safe, attractive and meet the needs of the people using the space.

3D/Architectural Visualizations

Allowing you to visualize our design concepts

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Meet the Studio

STUDIO: The nature of our interaction as a team.

close. collaborative. creative. free.


DETROIT: a rich history of both triumph and devastation.

resilient. resourceful. hopeful. challenged.


VISIONARIES: our ability to see potential and focus our dreams..

insightful. optimistic. opportunistic. brave


INNOVATORS: our method of how we reach our goals

inventive. spontaneous. unpredictable. clever.


ARCHITECTS: the medium in which we work.

visual. textural. tectonic. spacial.


we are:

Studio Detroit.

We at Bloom GC have found your firm to be truly a one stop shop for us. I especially love the fact that you guys are so creative with your great practical design ideas catered specifically around the parameters and restrictions faced within each project... I am truly impressed with your thorough documentation, rapid turnaround time (always) and the surprisingly wonderful out of the box thinking you incorporate in your designs.

Gary Laundroche, Bloom General Contracting

Thank You for being such a great team to work with. You guys are not just're pretty damn awesome as well!!!

Rick Wiand - Hunter Roberts Homes