A Great Place to Call Home

By February 17, 2015Studio Happenings

Detroit, a metropolis filled with people who make things happen without any assistance, this is a city for entrepreneurs and doers. Detroit has fallen under bad times in her history, but growth is always present after a storm here. For all of those not from the city, or misled by popular headlines of bankruptcies and violence, Detroit is much more than its ruins. Unlike the ruins in Italy, much is becoming of what Detroit’s past settlers left behind. In recent years there have been groups of people coming together to make change in the city, and it is starting to be noticed nationwide. Dedicated people looking to improve their city and take issues into their own hands have sparked the interests of investors, one that is widely present in the downtown area, Dan Gilbert.

The Michigan Building is home to Studio Detroit, as well as other tenants.  The famous silent movie theatre of the 1920s, for example, was transformed to a majestic garage in the 1970s that people see in Cadillac commercials and sought after photographs of this sacred space.  Renovations are currently going on here. It is exciting for us at Studio Detroit to see this occurring.  The Michigan Building is just two streets from the hustling corridor Dan Gilbert is investing in known as Woodward Avenue. From our office on the ninth floor, we can see Grand Circus Park where the David Whitney has been transformed Aloft Hotel as well as apartments and restaurants. As I peer out onto this understated jewel of the city, there’s growth happening from our view on the ninth floor.

Stay tuned for future articles on the David Whitney, Grand Circus Park, as well as more on the developments of Detroit.

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