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How I spent my summer

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After leaving the Detroit area for school, it feels great to be back Downtown and getting to design and build where all the rebuilding and revitalizing is happening. It is a very exciting city to work in as the reputation changes and the city develops.

As a perfect example, I spent the past couple weeks building a model out of basswood and foam core of an old hardware store in the rising trendy neighborhood of Corktown that is being redeveloped into a loft apartment for four tenants. This rebuild used some components from the initial building with a couple major changes to the front and side façade. I had the opportunity to design a couple different façade options along with Kevin and Shane’s guidance and we brainstormed different ways to make it look awesome and how to make them interchangeable. I enjoy getting the chance to work with people who love what they do and thoroughly understand the field of architecture and are so happy to discuss and share their knowledge.


I cannot wait to see what’s next!

Megan Simmons

Architectural Intern